When we take away the fancy descriptions and all the pretty packaging of an item, what we are left with is what we actually get.
            This principle holds true for everything, from automobiles to chocolate, but for the sake of time and space, we will only discuss one of the more noteworthy items: soda-pop.

            Take a can of Mountain Dew for example. Here we have High Fructose Corn Syrup, Sodium Benzoate + Erythorbic Acid (To preserve freshness), Arabic Gum (oh yum), Brominated Vegetable Oil, Artificial Flavor (Yellow 5, High Five, No I don’t think so!), all entrenched in carbonated water and a good dose of Calcium Disodium EDTA (ethylenediaminetetraacetic) acid just to protect that delicious flavor.

           Now, after careful analysis, the question is this: who on Earth would want to drink such a noxious concoction? There is absolutely nothing in this beverage that holds much of any nutritional value worth digesting, much less ‘paying’ for.
But in the mean time, we have tons of man-power dedicated to advertising, designing new logos, transporting, and then finally consuming a liquefied mix of unhealthy chemicals passed off as a regular beverage.
Good old propaganda-advertising-America has dressed up this worthless liquid by wrapping it in fancy designs laced with attention getting colors and catchy slogans. And unfortunately, these are the true ingredients that sell, as we can see – it does not matter to people what is actually in their drink; only that the container has a cool design and that it tastes good.

            However, just because something pleases our taste buds does not mean it is even remotely good for us. This same principle, only reversed, also applies to things that ‘taste bad.’ There are many natural products of the Earth that may not always have the best taste, but they do hold the best nutrients for us.
           Especially when we consider that every chemically engineered food is only an inferior incarnation of Earth’s natural produce – these are most dangerous of all because they purposely circumvent our body’s natural reasoning, making us think that it is okay to eat worthless items loaded with modified sugars, salt and preservatives.
            And so, instead of trusting advertisements and the buds on our tongue, it is time to begin using the neurons up in our heads. It is time to distinguish trash from what is beneficial. Not only that, but we must be sure to act upon this knowledge. Because after all, what is the worth of a solution without implementation?

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