Did you know that we all start out as females? That is correct, every single sperm/egg combo begins as a female, only mutating into a male if enough testosterone is provided to the embryo during development.
            And yes, let us stress ‘mutate.’ Males are mutations of the original female design. Yet historically (and sadly to this day), men have acted as though they take precedence over women, as though women are some inferior creature they have no relation to. When of course, as we just found out, men ARE women, only MUTATED.
So, if anything, women are in a much more formidable position to argue precedence, since they are the default way of being. And imagine if humans had followed their typical reaction to the mutants of our world – we would have seen a female dominated society formed around the outcast of men!

            However, instating a reversal of the gender roles would not have been at all beneficial to us then, much less now. Our generations have led us to where we are – this we cannot change – and instead of making further mistakes, our education should help unite us.
           When we consider each other beyond our bodies, there is not any fundamental difference between a male and female person. We are all universal consciousnesses operating a physical body we had no choice in choosing. Yes, bodily we are all different, but the conscious mind operating these bodies is all the same – and so, let us treat each other as such.

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