…and so, all that was left of the world, was to adventure.

            On an optimistic and whole heartedly intended side, what lay before you are some of the most magnificent truths that can be presented in writing. When these ideas are taken beyond only being ideas, the implications are absolutely mind shattering and elegantly life changing.
            Though much like everything else, there is a gloomy side when exploring a little deeper. These ideas can lead to quite a few unpleasant feelings when attempting to live differently in a society that is constantly demanding us to do otherwise. But contrary to popular belief, I think there are many benefits to be found in these depths of our mind.
            All that is required of us is to effectively learn the art of submerging and resurfacing; once that is done, everything will be fine. For even in the darkest areas of thought, it has always been the glimmer provided by these ideas that has guided me toward better days, and so I know they can do the same for you.
            As a final note, this collection of essays is meant to be adapted to the way we think and apply ourselves; nothing more, and nothing less. And while it would be nice to see these thoughts immediately applied throughout the world, I am fully aware that the enlightenment of our human race is going to take time and may even stretch until extinction. Unfortunately, the vast majority of people are so caught up in their ways that they seem unable to step back from them, even when their ideas happen to be the source of all their problems. However, for the more ambitious individuals willing to fortify their foundations, I know this text will serve well.
In the end though, all I wanted was to provide a conglomeration of the most inspiring truths of pure reality for living an honest to goodness life.
That is all.


Well that’s my year spent in exile
second guessed and dressed up in tatters
My birth feet didn’t take this path
and I’m still looking for a life that matters
More than chit-chat
we listen to the streets
we’re all deadbeats
and these old habits
are starting to show through
Sorry I didn’t get to know you

-Stephan Jenkins “My Time in Exile”