When we realize
we are all living together,
that no one is our enemy,
that we are only people
helping other people,
then it becomes clear
we can only collaborate.

Of course,
this is what we are doing now,
only very poorly.

And if I have not
made it obvious –

Our next step
can only be
the active betterment
of our collaboration.


            If we take what was just said about sports, and apply these principles towards war, the connection is straightforward and self explanatory. After all, our wars are indeed sports, just with the incorporation of flesh destroying weapons.
The teams we think we are on are our ‘countries,’ and our ‘points,’ ‘victories,’ and ‘defeats’ are only immolation of ourselves as a whole. Nobody will ever win, nobody will ever lose – we will only prevail through battles of ignorance.
And so wouldn’t it be good if we wizened up and used Education to fight our battles rather than the bullets and bombs of naiveté? No, I didn’t think so. So let the nuclear wars begin, mobilize the infantry, and continue with the scapegoats of religion.

After all, we don’t need to survive.

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