We have ratcheted our expectations so high
                            that life can only be one big disappointment.

            But it does not have to be this way.

People’s expectations, including our own, are only contrived opinions that do not have any semblance to how things ‘should’ be.
The life you live is the life you live, and your ‘success’ is only what you make of it. There is no need to rely on other people for verification on how much you are enjoying life. That is up to you.

            Somehow, it has become customary to press each other with demands like making a ton of ‘money,’ ‘owning’ a big house, getting ‘married,’ and ‘buying’ everything one wants – but as we have found out, all of these things are only illusions.
            Understanding this, there is no reason to strive for such empty hearted goals such as these, because truly – they accomplish nothing. And with that said, what is the sense in expecting
ourselves to strive for something that is not really there?

            The only expectation we should have for each other is to become more educated and to conduct ourselves as such for the best life possible. And while that is indeed my own personal expectation, I cannot imagine any better reason for why we exist…though please let me know if you think of anything.

            Remember: Money and material items are not integral, much less valid parts, to being happy, nor is fame and popularity. On the contrary, these things are most often hindrances because they introduce many more opportunities for stress into our life, and it is this stress that will always be the first to take any feelings of enjoyment away.

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