After living only a relatively few years on this Earth, it has become clear that a lot of people prefer not to face the truth. Whether it is supposedly too harsh or a barrage of other silly excuses, people have a tendency to hide from honesty.
            But why? Why would anybody want to run away from what is true? Ah, because it is comfortable being ignorant, it is just ‘good’ not to know…however, this statement itself could not be any further from holding true.
What is true, is that the more we know, the greater our potential becomes for creating a satisfying existence. When we learn more, we have the capability to make less mistakes, to improve, and free ourselves from the detriments of ignorance.
            In order to progress, we need to let go of all the preconceived notions that have been driving us and further educate ourselves by expanding and refining our perception of reality. Granted, I know this will not be easy, but rather, more so excruciating – however, our suffering through effort will be far less than what is bound to be produced by allowing our problems to accumulate.

Or, in more simple terms:
                      Knowledge is the only defense we have against ourselves,

            “…and if you don’t question what has been,
does it mean that you don’t care what’s coming next?”
             -Tina Dico “No Time To Sleep”



            I DO NOT claim that the following topics are not real. Please do not become defensive and attempt to argue that everything I have written about is real so there is no denying its existence. That is not what I am after, at all.
            What I will press upon you is that these are all ill fated illusions, deceptive mind traps haphazardly passed down through generations. Be aware that a lot of what I have written is most likely going to go against what you were born, taught, and brought up to be. That is fine. It is time to grow.

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