Don’t get me wrong, exercise is very beneficial to our lives, but the attachment of numbers to it is not. Just like money, these numbers are all in our minds, from points to batting averages and even numbers for weights.
            Nobody actually scores a ‘basket’ in basketball, though there is a sphere passing through a metal hoop. Nobody really has a ‘batting average,’ people just swing a bat and hit a ball through the air on occasion. Nobody ever bench presses 300 individual ‘pounds,’ they merely lift a carefully measured mass of metal up in the air. And nobody scores a six ‘point’ touchdown in American football, they only run with an oblong shaped ball across white paint adhering to blades of grass, or synthetic fibers of turf.
            When we look closely at these situations, it becomes clear these things are not one and the same. Yes, the occurrence of each event does exist, though what is attributed to it does not. We have simplistic arbitrary actions being attributed much more meaning than what they are. In other words, there is a transcendence into imagination land when people think they are scoring points. However, all that happens is what happens, nothing more.

            To put it into perspective, the Earth does not have a clicker that keeps track of how many ‘touchdowns’ or ‘baskets’ or ‘home runs’ were just scored by a group of humans dressed up in color matched clothing pretending to be on two different ‘teams.’ Once a game is over, the only relative measurement actually worth anything is the physical energy expended.

With modern sport culture and its obsessive emphasis on points, what we have is people taking a game other people made up and getting extremely carried away with it. Not just the players themselves, but also and almost more so the viewers of these games. And for that good ole obvious reminder, these games are indeed just games – games that originated from the imaginations of our fellow human beings.

            Keeping these imaginary origins in mind, we can also discover that nobody can win or lose. Remember, these two teams are actually one group of humans, playing a game together.
They are not actually against each other, but merely pretending to be – just like how they pretend to score points and such. All people are really doing on separate ‘teams’ is exerting themselves in opposite directions, more or less.
But when they finally decide to end the game and go home, this going home is all that happens – people going from point A to point B…and so, at the end of the day, there are no winners and there are no losers. We are all just who we are, doing the best we can.

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