Human Supremacy

            Somewhere between building houses, running factories, making music, and slaughtering billions of animals, human beings seem to have proclaimed themselves ruler of the Earth.
            While it may be true that yes, we are the dominant species and have the capability to kill most all of our opponents, we are still animals scurrying about on a foreign planet, in some mysterious universe.

            Think about it, we are a tremendously small colony of biological beings in a mind-numbingly expanding universe. Nature will always continue to rule over us, decimating civilizations each year with natural ‘disasters’ while also providing us with the means to live, providing us the means to all we need.
           And keep that fact in mind; it is nature creating our food and the resources for what we do. All too often, though, we take what we are provided with, and then pretend we gave it to ourselves – but there is some force way beyond our comprehension that is responsible for us all, and it is this force that should always be kept in mind and respected.

                                   In other words,
                                   we are not the controllers
of the universe –
we are only
in it.

            Our lives are not our own doing, at least not by the person we think we are. There is something else putting us in this place, and I can say with shameless certainty that I cannot fathom what that force could be, though I will do my best to embrace the limited understanding we have of it.

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