Much like advertising, makeup conceals the truth by embellishing it. Mascara, eyeliner, lipstick – they all cover up what is really there, making one appear to be what they are not.
            We are as beautiful as we are, there is no changing that. Cosmetics seem to have given people (women and second handedly, men) a false impression of reality. The companies producing these products lead us to believe that wearing these products makes us more beautiful, but do they really?

            Makeup does not make anyone more beautiful, it only makes them appear more beautiful. Nothing more, nothing less. Makeup is only an optical illusion.
            It does not matter if we spend hundreds of dollars on decorating ourselves with clothes and chemicals, we will never be any different from what we started with. The only true self is the self that has just stepped out of the shower, once everything has been taken off and washed away.

            For thoroughness, even plastic surgery creates the illusion of a ‘better person.’ They may not look the same, but they still are the same.
            Granted, some cosmetic surgeries are strictly for functionality’s sake, due to a birth defect or such, but in the meantime, even these happenings should not make people think less of themselves.
           There is no reason for refusing to accept ourselves and others for the body we did not choose. Yes, I could understand good heartedly mocking someone if we all had the opportunity to design what we look like, but the womb ain’t no Build-A-Bear, you know?

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